At Sturgis Plumbing of Martin and Palm Beach County, we offer a full range of residential and commercial plumbing services! If you can name it, we can do it! Here is a highlight of some of our services:

Commercial Plumbing

Sturgis offers a variety of services for commercial and business plumbing applications. Previous clients include New Construction, HOA’s, Multi Unit Developments, Crawl Space and Handicap Plumbing! Everything commercial, we have it covered!

Residential Plumbing

Over the years we have dedicated ourselves to providing the absolute best plumbing services for homes. We are loved by our customers for not only our prices, but the workmanship we offer! Which is why they always refer us to others!

Emergency Plumber

You simply never know when a faucet will let loose or if the water heater goes belly up! You need a reliable person to come out and limit the water damage! That said, we take great pride in emergency care and our customers have taken notice!

Hot Water Heater

Sturgis provides the most timely and cost-efficient hot water heater (gas and electric hot water heaters) service calls in Martin and Palm Beach County. Our price points and services simply cannot be beat when it comes to hot water heaters!

Kitchen Plumbing

We handle and and all kitchen related issues. From replacing old faucets, stopping leaks and even remodeling! Kitchens aren’t made like they used to be! And you need a professional to help guide you through the kitchen of the future!

Bathroom Plumbers

Bathroom Plumbing

Seriously, how many times can you plunge a toilet? Tighten a loose faucet? Replace the shower head? Rest assured that no matter the type of bathroom plumbing issues you have, our team of professionals is sure to have a fix for everything you need!

Laundry Room Plumbers

Laundry Rooms

Like kitchens, laundry rooms are not what they used to be. The scores of new products and innovations have in fact made life easier for everyone.  And trust us, we’ve seen them all! Let Sturgis help with anything related to clean clothes!!

New Construction and Remodeling Plumbers


Do you need new construction plumbing? Or a highly experienced plumber for a remodel? For over 20 years we have been choice for hundred of new construction, remodeling or renovation projects! Call us today, you’ll be glad you did!